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The RS-CL-F500 laser rust paint removal machine adopts the 500W pulsed fiber laser source. It is characteristic of no grinding and non-contact. It can be used not only to clean organic pollutants but also to clean inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. its application effects include rust removal, paint removal, degreasing, cultural relic restoration, glue removal, coating removal, and coating removal.

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500W Laser cleaning
500w laser cleaning uses the 500W pulsed laser to irradiate the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the attachment on the surface of the object absorbs the laser energy, resulting in thermal expansion and reducing the bonding force between the substrate and the attachment. At the same time, by outputting high-frequency pulse laser energy, high-frequency vibration shock is generated, so that the attachment is crushed and separated from the substrate.

product Features

1: Simple operation
Plug and play, portable integrated design, easy integration
2: No damage cleaning
Non-contact, no damage to the substrate
3: High adaptive cleaning
Without limitation by the appearance, shape, and size of the product
4: Precision cleaning
High positioning accuracy and controllable removal thickness.
5: Automatic cleaning
Automatic cleaning can be realized by handhold or with robots
6: One-time investment
No consumables, maintenance-free, low cost.

Product application

It is suitable for cleaning when the rust layer and paint layer are thick and the oil stain is deep, as well as surface roughening, weld cleaning, and other processes.
1. Remove the coating on the metal or glass surface and quickly remove the paint.
2. Rapid rust removal and various oxides.
3.  Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, and production residues.
4. Metal and plastic surface roughening.
5. Remove paint, rust, and oil before welding or bonding, and deal with oxides and residues after welding.

Product Specifications

Model RS-CL-F500
Laser power 500W (optional 1000W)
Laser source type Pulsed fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1064 nm
Cooling method Water cooling
Power adjustable range 10-100 %
Machine size 1420 mm*850mm*1370mm (L*W*H)
Total weight 225 kg / 275 kg
Power consumption 5100 W / 8000 W
Focal depth 10 mm-500 mm
Scan width 10-330 mm
Net weight of hand-held gun 4KG
Rust/paint (20um) cleaning efficiency 30/h
Optional accessory Hand-held / Robot
Working condition -25-55 ºC

Application field


Application field


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