Laser Cutter LC1390

Short Description:

Professional Ruida 6442s laser control system, precise, stable and fast.
Brand laser tube, good spot quality, stable output power, good engraving effect.
Usb2.0 interface, support offline work.
Color LCD display, support multi-language operation.
Taiwan PMI linear guide rail makes the optical path run more smoothly and the engraving and cutting effect is much more better.
The cabinet design is more sturdy and equipped with a waste collection drawer for easy collection of cutting waste.
Electric UP&Down platform, convenient for customers to place thick materials.
Optional rotary attachment, convenient for customers to engrave the required materials.
large working area, suitable for engraving and cutting large area materials

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Product description

LC1390 wood laser cutter has highly controllable, repeatable and accurate processing, stable performance and applicable for different industries.The normal working area of this CO2 laser cutting machine is 1300*900mm. This wood laser cutter can cut various material thicknesses, usually 1-20mm.

Available laser tube power


★ All wood laser cutter are featured a red dot alignment pointer, helping you to properly position your work under the laser
★ Un-limited feed-through door , we can only add the auto-feeding system allows the use of roll material and unlimited sheet length
★ Exhaust fan&vacuum table, this installation of wood laser cutter pulls fumes and debris away from the work piece; the resulting vacuum is strong enough to straighten and flatten thin materials against the wood laser cutter work table for cutting and engraving in good focus.
★ The price of wood laser cutter include one set EXLAS, exhaust fan, air assist compressor , one tool box, CD friendly training video and user macnual.
★ Air asist of this wood laser cutter ,we will provide you one set wood laser cutter air compressor, you can turn up/down the switch between the laser head to control the strength of air blowing. To avoid getting fired and blow away the dusk /smoke.


1390 autofocus wood MDF acrylic plywood pass through CO2 laser cutting machine

Main Application

wood,orgnic,glass,plastic,garments,paper,leather,rubber,and other nonmental materials.
Applicable industries: Advertisement,arts,and crafts,toys,computerized embroidery and clipping,garments,model,and construction industy.



Q: Do you have CE certificate for customs clearance?
A: Yes, we will provide CE certificate together with clearing documents.

Q: What can I buy from your company?
A: Laser Cutting Machine,Laser Engraving Machine,Laser Welding Machine,Laser Cleaning Machine,Laser Marking Machine, CNC Router, Press braker, Glass cutting machine

Q. How about warranty?
A: The quality guarantee period will be 1 years from the date the merchandise arrives at the destination port. Except for man-made damage, we are responsible for offering the accessories for free during the warranty period, but you must send the damaged accessories to us by courier at your charge before we send the alternatives to you (unless some problem parts need no return).Outside of the guaranteed period, if parts need to be repaired or replaced, if applicable, service and parts will be charged.

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