Congratulations to Jinan Dongbo Automation Co., Ltd. for obtaining multiple computer software registration certificates

Recently, Jinan dongbo automation co., Ltd. won a number of computer software copyright registration certificate, from now on, its copyright will get "China copyright protection center" effective protection. To get the certificate, is the east bo in a milestone in the history of the computer software intellectual property work, it means my company independent research and development ability and innovation ability in software development with independent intellectual property rights has won the acceptance of authority, and fully affirmation, but also marks the my company in the software development of high-tech fields on a new step.

Company research and development center is in order to achieve the company strategic target, under the leadership of the senior team, responsible for production management technical support, new product development, technology management, test management, process management specialized management institutions, and to achieve the company's business strategy and long-term development plan, under the authorization of general manager, Responsible for the overall project management of the company, mainly responsible for the development and implementation of the company's overall R & D strategy and annual R & D plan, leading the establishment and improvement of r & D product management system and organizational structure, building efficient production and R & D team, laying a good foundation for the next large-scale production; At the same time, it also undertakes the technical support and consulting work of the company's technology development strategy, new product development, old product transformation, technology management, etc., to meet the development needs of the enterprise.


Post time: Feb-23-2022