Application of laser technology in mobile phone frame

In today's society, almost everyone has a mobile phone, everyone is familiar with mobile phone, because mobile phone is an important communication tool in People's Daily work and life. With the continuous development of mobile phones, mobile phone shell has gradually changed from the original plastic shell to metal shell, ceramic shell, glass shell, etc. Due to the development of thin and thin mobile phones in the future, traditional manufacturing methods have been unable to meet the current demand. With the application of laser technology, its precision machining rapidly become the favor of mobile phone manufacturing industry.

The application of laser marking technology in the case of mobile phones is mainly to mark the back case identification, patent number, company copyright and other information. With the development of smartphones, the manufacturing information, patent number and other information on the back are all in small type. The traditional process is just a small character needs, and the laser marking machine has a small focus, according to different needs configuration. It can meet the requirements of new characters smaller than 0.1mm.
The application of laser cutting technology in the outer frame of mobile phone is to cut the key parts of the outer frame, and laser drilling of earphones and speakers. As well as touch screen laser cutting and fingerprint identification cover cutting, camera cover cutting.

In contrast, the traditional numerical control, cutting, punching, punching and other methods for mobile phone shell cutting is more effective. Laser cutting technology has also been introduced into plastic, anodized alumina and ceramic cutting applications, but it is not a one-time molding, but an auxiliary processing method. Take the ceramic frame as an example, through laser cutting, CNC reaming to form a complete product. The laser cutting technology used here is QCW laser cutting machine, continuous laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine. The comparative advantage of lacquer application is not. The mainstream is to use stamping and numerical control methods.

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Post time: Feb-23-2022