Laser cutting machine maintenance and maintenance

If you do not use laser cutting machine for a long time, not only stop the equipment, turn off the power will be all right, laser cutting machine during the Chinese New Year other maintenance and protection is particularly important, if the protection work is not in place, it is possible to re-open the opportunity to machine light cutting machine can not be used, Dongbo laser for you to sort out some holiday laser cutting machine maintenance and maintenance of the relevant knowledge points, I hope to help you.

Laser cutting machine before the holiday shutdown preparation

1. If the ambient temperature is below 0℃, add antifreeze liquid. If the ambient temperature is below 0℃, it is recommended that users add antifreeze liquid to the equipment to avoid freezing damage of laser, chiller and cutting head due to shutdown during the Spring Festival, resulting in unnecessary losses.

2, the drainage of the laser water tank will be the water in the water tank, and the water in the pipeline to do the drainage treatment. In order to prevent water for a long time does not flow into dead water blockage of the laser internal waterways and cutting head waterways. 3, disconnect the power supply of the equipment to ensure that during the holiday equipment, disconnect the power supply of the equipment before the holiday, so as to avoid accidents in the case of unguarded, and to avoid the impact and damage caused by the power grid voltage instability or abnormal fluctuation of the laser when the plant is powered on. Precautions for device startup after the festival

1. Antifreeze has been added and the temperature is below 5℃

2. If the temperature is higher than 5℃, replace the antifreeze with conventional deionized water (optical fiber) or pure water (CO2).

Replacement method: drain out the cooling water with antifreeze, add 50 liters of deionized water, start the water cooler for water circulation for 10 minutes, then drain out the water, repeat twice, and fill up the conventional cooling water.

3. The equipment environment is above 5℃. If the equipment environment is above 5℃ during the Spring Festival, it is confirmed that there is no freezing and can be directly switched on.

Correct maintenance is the premise of the stable use of laser cutting machine.

Post time: Feb-23-2022