LG900N CO2 Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine

Short Description:

Double Work Platform
Can install double work platform, both blade work table and honeycomb work table, can use to do both cutting and engraving.

High Efficiency Particle Air Filter
Environmental protection without pollution
Three-stage filtration
The first is bag filtration of large particles.
The second IS HEPA filtration of particles larger than that of 0.03um.
The third is activated carbon adsorbs of smoke and dust odour.

Yongli Laser Tube
Using Yongli laser tube, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the laser output power density is high, the beam is concentrated, and the spot is uniform. The engraving/cutting speed is fast and the engraving line is deep and narrow with high resolution and clear characters. The work life of laser tube is long and the fault rate is low.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product description

1. 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W CO2 laser power available
2. Laser Engraving cutting for non-metal materials, such as Acrylic sheet, plastic, timberland shoes, business card, wood, acrylic, fabric, plywood, jeans, etc 
3.G.Weike China Top Manufacturer, best price and quality with CE & . & ISO9001
4. 600*900mm working area, LG900N co2 Laser Cutting machine

Product Specifications

Laser - Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser power 60W 80W (optional)
Cutting Area 900mm×600mm
Whole Machine Size 1500*1140*1260
Cutting Speed 0-30000mm/m
Resetting Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Working Voltage AC220V±5% / 50HZ
Gross Power  
Operating Temperature 0°C-45°C
Operating Humidity Free of condensed water
Laser- type  Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser power 60W
Engraving area 900 x 600mm
Whole machine size 1,360 x 1.090 x 1,070mm
Engraving speed 0 - 60,000mm/min
Resetting position accuracy ±0.05mm
Working voltage AC 110 - 220V ±10%, 50 -60Hz
Gross power <1,000W
Operating temperature  0 - 45℃
Operating humidity 5 - 95%
Minimum shaping character English 1 x 1mm
Graphic format supported BMP,PLT, DST, DXF, and AI
Driving system stepper
Cooling mode water-cooling and protection system
Auxiliary equipments Exhaust-fan, air-exhaust pipe
Controlling software DSP control system
Compatible software CorelDraw  AutoCAD  Photoshop
Net Weight 220kg

Laser Cutting Applicable materials

Acrylic sheet, pleastic sheet, wood, leather shoes, business card, wedding cards, bamboo, jade, marble, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials.

Applicable industries

Acrylic advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments,  model , building upholster, computerized embroidery and  clipping, packaging and paper industry.

Cutting Samples Display

Industry Applications
wood, bamboo, jade, marble, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials.


Weike Packaging and Shipping

1.Anti-collision package edge: All parts of the machine are covered with some soft materials, mainly the use of pearl wool
2.Fumigation wooden box
3.Whole film packaging machine
4.Wooden box at the bottom of a solid iron socket for easy handling

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